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I am an ACE certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor and I am also certified in fitness nutrition and weight management. I’ve lost over 100 pounds through a realistic approach to diet and exercise. My inspiration to become a personal trainer and teach group fitness was sparked after the birth of my daughter and my honest struggle with postpartum recovery. G-Fit is a minimal equipment, total body approach to fitness designed to burn fat and aid in weight loss. No fad diets, no counting macros, no magic cleanses or belly wraps but rather building a lifestyle of movement and mindfulness. Fast, effective workouts for the busy mom or the career person who is pressed for time. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Stepping out of your comfort zone is key to bringing  about change. No gym, no problem. I enjoy catering to the busy mom and the menopausal woman in their 50s and beyond. 


G-Fit classes


Punch and kick your way through 50 minutes of non-stop high energy kickboxing combinations mixed with agility/bodyweight drills and core work for an intense total body burn.


Strengthen, tone, and sculpt your entire body with intervals of cardio. Various formats and timed intervals used.


High Intensity Interval Training for the more advanced fitness level. Various formats and timed intervals used. Bodyweight, cardio, and resistance training incorporated into each class for an intense total body workout.


50-minute class with light weights in hands 75% of the time. Primarily a toning-based workout with short intervals of cardio and core work to offset resistance training. Resistance bands also incorporated into various classes to add variety.


50 minute class that mixes traditional body weight and calisthenic exercises with interval training. Core and strength training also incorporated into each boot camp class for a total body approach.


25 minute total body, zero equipment, minimal space required workouts perfect for the traveler.


25 minute class ideal for the beginner or those with restrictions and or limitations. Slower paced, aerobic based exercises offset with intervals of light strength training using free weights and resistance bands. No jumping, no getting up and down, no pressure on the joints.

GET FIT IN 21 days WITH G-Fit

G-Fit is the perfect formula for your fitness journey. I offer over 1000 total body workouts designed to shed fat with 25 and 50-minute options to suit everyone’s time availability and fitness level. Consistency is what brings about change. The more flexible and convenient your workout program is the more likely you are to stick to it. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Maximize your time with a total body approach when it works for you.